Hydrocarbon Dynamics

Indago has recently acquired Hydrocarbon Dynamics (HCD). HCD is the owner of an exceptional new oil technology that allows for the swift, clean and cost effective treatment of heavy, asphaltenic and paraffinic oils. The technology can be applied to improve oil flow rates by the re‐liquification of oil deposition from oil wells and pipelines and can also be used to recover oil from storage facilities. The product has proved its effectiveness in large‐scale commercial oil wells and pipelines in Malaysia and India.

The key product, HCD Multi-Flow comprises small, specially engineered, carbon‐based, organic molecules that can disaggregate the large, naturally occurring agglomerations of waxes and asphaltenes in heavy or paraffinic oil. Once disaggregated, these agglomerations are reabsorbed into the crude oil, reducing its pour point temperature, viscosity and increasing API gravity - thus providing outstanding flow assurance and transfer system efficiency. The HCD Multi-Flow technology can also separate water and sediment from the crude oil and the product is expected to have far‐reaching applications in the production and transport of heavy/paraffinic crudes, as evidenced by the product’s use in a large offshore oil field and with many successful trials to its credit.

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Feature: Turner Bayou Project

Proprietary 3D seismic survey targeting the Wilcox, Austin Chalk and Eagle Ford formations;
major phase oil, with some
natural gas production.


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